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OKNAM LEE WAVE BLUE ON WHITE 65 X 65 CM Hanji paper 2020





“Wave”, all of Lee Ok Nam's works are so called, like the waves that soothe the sounds of the world around the visitor.


His work starts from newspapers associated with traditional Korean paper (Hanji) to create the most basic form: a circle. Accumulation of layers of time, thus telling our story to all - A wave of calm and mental strength through history and time.


In Lee Ok-nam's work, the desire to differentiate between form and content creates a juxtaposition of the abstract and the concrete. Content is form and concrete substance forms abstract images. There is no symbol, analogy and narration in the image created by it, but at the same time, there are overlapping realities, formed from the subject of its materials, the newspapers.


Cut the newspaper lengthwise to a certain width while allowing many people to stick to each end of the strips, creating a certain overlap designed in a wave-like pattern. The newspaper strips are becoming essentially endless. And a concentric circle wraps around with the bands. This newspaper spiral continues over and over. Thus, the diameter of the disc becomes larger and larger. The circular plane of the disc is formed with the thickness of each log, overlapping the next.


The disc forms an eccentric wave in the color of newspaper ink only. But there is no analogy or explanation. newspaper material is displayed as is, raw and endless, as in life and in real time. Lee Ok-nam aims to create timeless works reflecting the world that lives in us all, inviting us to perpetuate the feelings in his work with the emotions that we feel with the world around us.


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