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Leasing of art pieces

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"The leasing of art works is a financially interesting way to acquire works of art and to transform your professional space into an inspiring place both for those who cross it and for those who work there. This method of financing allows also the rotation of works and the placing on the second market of first-rate works, after rental, at an affordable price. "

The rents paid within the framework of a pure rental (without purchase option) by a company constitute professional charges which can be deducted from the tax. This applies not only to office furniture or cars, but also to works of art. Which can be rotated to vary the experience and the discovery of new works.


At the end of a rental, the art pieces are bought by the ArtsKoCo gallery from the financial company that manages the rental, and they are offered on the secondary market at very favorable conditions, in particular to members of the community of the renting company ( customers, employees, suppliers, etc.)


The advantages are numerous:

- deductibility of charges and therefore reduction of taxes;

- spread of the purchase price of a work or a collection over time;

- possibility of acquisition at the end of the rental at lower cost;

- strengthening your image with all of your internal (staff) or external audiences (customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, etc.)


ArtsKoCo supports companies of all sizes and liberal professionals wishing to acquire works through rental.

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