"My works of art begin with the question" What is the origin of life? " And "How and where does it exist?" According to research on the origin of planets, dark matter and dark energy in the universe, astrophysics has interpreted and reported that The molecule that makes up the human body comes from the universe, and the origin of l man are the stars of the universe (...) I try to visualize the group of cells which is the essential element of life. When I work, I organize the cross section of the pipes, then I repeatedly submit the pipes one after the other to create a shape. In this process, I can see the pipes in the form of a group of cells. The compiled cross-section of the pipes may appear as a variation of the minimum unit of an organic being. It represents the microscopic cells of germination and division of the organic being. At the same time, my works also evoke dark matter or the planets of the universe that exist in the macrocosm. "