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The young and talented SunMi KIM presents Hyper-Lumière:

The monochrome red paintings "Hyper-lumière" evoke her memories of "Near death Experience (NDE)" during an accident, as she was knocked down by a car at the tender age of 6 years. Artworks that come out of their frame, connected by thin wires, guiding the evocative splashes towards a vortex of light. An inner refuge for the child she was, the adult artist sublimates and shares this experience in a play of light and hope.

And then , this single work, which is distinguished by its subject: "I know that I don't know 1" a set of mirrors, a “mise en abyme”, in a prison of glasses, green, open to infinity, is this a bottomless, or is it a pyramid? and blood splashes make the link with the traumatic event ...

A fleur de peau : Espace 3

Poudre de marbre et fils sur toile 73 x 116 cm,

dimension variable avec fils élastique, 2017

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