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“Myoung-Nam Kim has been training us for a long time in the vastness of spaces both aerial and deep. The finesse and subtlety of the colors in which it excels in capturing light are familiar to us. […] Today she unveils a new facet of her work, or rather the continuation of this quest which she pursues with passion and high standards. The color disappears to make way for whiteness and to offer the viewer the vertigo of the texture of the rice paper which is enhanced by the play with light. Here the whiteness lets the vastness and its mystery surge.


Beyond the colors, in the quivering of tiny reliefs, light, barely shaded roughness, the spectator discovers step by step silent, hidden and yet essential slopes. The recent work of Myoung-Nam Kim leads to an inexpressible and intimate clarity, where the human finds his place in the humility and the wonder of what exceeds him. (C. Oumhani).


Kim Myoungnam teaches Engraving at the School of Fine Arts in Versailles. Kim Myoungnam is versatile, his works include ceramics illustrating the different techniques developed by Korean ceramists (Raku, Buncheong and porcelain), but also and above all works on paper, paintings, then more recently all kinds of scraping techniques and seams, on white paper, addition of characters, or multi-layered and monochrome works in the tradition of the Korean school Dansaekhwa.


Artskoco has presented the works of this artist living in Paris several times, with the series “On the other side”, “White Writing”, “Breath”, “Letter”, and in 2019, “interior landscapes“.

Ecriture blanche II-Voyage en Inde 2018

Myoung-Nam KIM

technique mixte sur papier 71x56cm




Kim Myoungnam 

41x28,5cm, (Trois pièces composée, en jaune) technique mixte sur papier, 1996,


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