Sung-Pil Chae paints on tilted canvases so that his paintings can ripple like a choppy sea or like leaves fluttering in the wind.

Sometimes the drops of paint fall and flow like the beginnings of a thunderstorm, forming delicate streams on dusty ground.

His art is both figurative and abstract, metaphorical and literal: Sung-Pil paints “the earth” with pulverized clays, coming from different continents, with a binder and pigments.


The light bounces off the canvas thanks to the numerous silvery reflections of the pearl, the silver or the powdered gold used as the basis of the artist's compositions.


For four years, SungPil Chae has entered a blue period. Blue like water, source of life and movement.


His works are exhibited in prestigious galleries: Opera in

NY, Miami, Bar Harbor, Aspen, London, Paris, Monaco







Jean Brolly, Baudoin Lebon, Shchukin in Paris.

He is present in museum collections in Asia and Europe, in the USA, especially in France at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, the Cernuschi museum, the BNP, etc. The National Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul.

He exhibits regularly at BRAFA exhibitions; Art Brussels; Art Paris; Art Central, HongKong; Busan Art; Shanghai Art; KIAF, Seoul; Art15 London; London Art fair; Art Karlsruhe; Miami Scope, Chicago Art Fair.

1. Kyungshin KIM