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13-Memory of the wind 2021 Hanji & Korean pigment, 140 x 220 cm €17,000 (to be completed).jpg




Hyunjoung says about herself: "Imaginary journeys between earth and sky, journey between valleys and clouds, I invent constellated paths where the gaze strolls.

From my past in Korea, I keep the memory of the materials, the beliefs of my ancestors.


The mulberry-plane tree paper is the skin of this memory, the enameled cups are its secret symbols. This paper covered the floor of the houses, I saw it from my height as a child. Above, the footprints and life prints were imprinted, and I was already imagining paintings, landscapes. Also, I paint, I underline Indian ink, I sprinkle Korean pigments, so that the volumes leave their silent whiteness and reveal these colorful worlds that populate me.


The paper leads me by its strange directions, and I let myself be guided. What dominates and transpires most of my personality is in serenity. From now on, it is between the clouds that I invite to continue the journey, pleasant, calm.


A bowl is metaphysically given to us at birth. The size for each is different, but all of us use it.


My little cups are these lives, so different, in bronze or oxidized silver, in polished brass, gilded, enamelled with colors, punctuated with a pearl. Lonely, grouped in mass, that we see them as flowers or beings that matter. They are in my landscapes more than a decoration, they are presences and for me, sometimes a whole people. They make my paths, paths of life. "


Memory of the wind 2021

Hyunjoung LEE - Hanji & Korean pigment, 140 x 220 cm  

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