Danse de Lumière

Peinture originale sur papier de murier

huile sur toile / oil on canvas

62,4 x 62,5 cm


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Bang Hai Ja was born in Seoul in 1937 and has lived in France since 1961. She is part of the first generation of Korean abstract painters.


His beginnings in Paris were immediately noticed by the writer, art historian and critic Pierre Courthion who never stopped encouraging him.


It is, in fact, outside her country that Bang Hai Ja will really discover her roots and that she deliberately chooses to keep in reference her Korean culture, the techniques, the approach to the universe that has been that of his childhood and adolescence.


Gilbert Lascault, author of the first monograph in French of the work published by Editions Cercle d'Art in 1997, writes:

“Bang Hai Ja's painting continues to offer us new views of the universe. It is first of all a look at the cosmos: a look which admires the universe and which helps us to admire its multiple beauties. In their active immobility, in their flawless attention, the painters and poets are, without doubt, watchmen "posted", to witness the beauty of the cosmos, its harmony, its diversity. Bang Hai Ja is someone who watches. ”


“The energy which emanates from the act of painting is a real breath which gives the strength of the soul to those who look on. Said the artist herself.


Many exhibitions have been dedicated to Bang Hai Ja in France, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the United States, Japan and Canada. (Bang Hai Ja has done more than 80 personal exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions)

It is first in the choice of its materials that Bang Hai Ja connects the East to the West: Korean papers, the ocher earth of Provence, natural pigments from everywhere. These materials which she continues to experiment allows her to capture the light energy of the cosmos. More recently, on special textiles that she paints on both sides by transparency and translucency effects, she continues to deposit her vision of the universe. Finesse, softness and spirituality are the words that best describe this work, reflecting the soul of this unique artist!


In the 2nd monograph 'Souffle de lumière - Bang Hai Ja' by Editions Cercle d'Art published in 2007, the great art critic Pierre Cabanne wrote;

"When she is not there, others come to walk in the country of her paintings, discover that they like it there, take in their looks and their spirit its light and this impalpable flickering of colored breaths, these constellations , these vibrant germinations that marry the spells of the intangible. … Bang Hai Ja does not paint nature but the space, the sign, the task, the lightning, the cry which become by a sort of visionary magic, splashes of light, shivers of stars, seismographies of calls, of rumors. The suggestions and vibrations of an imagined cosmos. The emotion crystallizes in them, opens a path to infinity. Bang Hai Ja's painting is a dazzled garden.


When Bang Hai Ja moved away from reality, from its conventions, from its arbitrariness, its astonishment was great to be able to reveal and question the unknown, the ineffable, the inaccessible. His path was outlined in an unusual grip of the cosmos seized as mystery, surprise, ecstasy, joy, fervor. The art of Bang Hai Ja is neither an adventure nor an achievement, but a quest. His painting, from which an intense poetry emerges, is a living, independent organism, which produces radiant light effects. ”


Bang Hai ja received the sacred art prize at the Grand Prix International Exhibition in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. It was decorated with the medal of the art of the city of Montrouge, Grand Prize for overseas painter of the day of painters in Korea, December 5, 2008, and received the order of Arts and Letters by the President of Korea in October 2010. In 2012, she received the France-Korea Cultural Prize and the Prize for Excellence in Culture and the Arts from the International Foundation of Korean Women (KoWinner) in Romania.


Excerpt from Hun BANG, artistic director


Lumière de terre

44 x 55 cm

huile sur toile/ oil on canvas

44 x 55 cm