내 안의 너Toi en moi

"GuGu Kim

28 2019 Charcoal, graphite, pastel, stone powder, india ink, acrylic on canvas

57 x 36 cm

2300 €"


묵상Contemplation 2020


11 - mixed media - finger painting on canvas-

117 x 91 cm





At a first glance of GuGu Kim’s work, it seems like a picture exposed by light; but when looking closely, it shows the long hours of his relentlessly in the Buddhism religion, his fingers adheres on the premises of the canvas one by one to polish out the ultimate ‘pure’.

Seems like indulging the spectacular beauty even though there is no special pictorial technique for which he draws what is envisioned in his mind. The painting may look of an amateur because of the simplicity of its’ restrained beauty.

The main subject of GuGu Kim’s composition is to talk about "life“ that can exist through the human body. Of course, the human body will be put out as a way of talking about the world and life rather than digging a realistic depiction of the familiar shell of the human body.

He takes images that we face visually in everyday life and portray symbolic messages on the back of its simple iconography.

GuGu only uses his fingers to stipple the canvas like ink spots. Without special technique, the series of continuous work he does compresses black and white monotone to explore the pure beauty;

He himself calls it the ‘New Classicism Finger Painting” to make it a unique domain. Even though the images of his art works are simple, the story inside it is not revealed so easily.

Just like a poetic language, the movement of spring portrays the blooming red dots as nipples in the<Spring Maiden>; In<Half of My Life>, the semi nudity expresses the person’s head on collision with The first half of life, while the back portrays the remaining years of the future. The flow and intensity of light describes the bending of life.

But more than anything, GuGu Kim portrays consistently in the pursuit of being 'essentially pure'. As in one of his work,<Pure>, he expresses the theme of unspoiled commercial capital’s ultimate beauty of ‘pure’.

His work is very realistic and familiar to look at, but the deep meanings of message inside are not that easy to catch. Rather than the sense and simplicity of the iconography, GuGu’s vision is to overlook everything that has ‘life’ and the social life with awe. Even in his expertise of female body images, he tells the story of mental and physical source through the womb of life. GuGu Kim must have felt more eager relative to the booming of Japan’s architectural designs, fashion trend developments, fashion show planning, etc. for over the past 20years. Settling down to an unfamiliar environment, up and down circumstances, and even personalheart breaking problems resulted in recent changes emerging in his work; trying to start a new beginning; going back to his hometown.