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Cha-Young LEE by himself: "Kant the philosopher asked 3 questions

‘ What can I know? What can I do? And what can I expect?’

These are questions that everyone must ask themselves at least once in their life.

I wanted to show the inner side and the value of the human through my works.

It's with old bibles that were thrown that I create thousands of cubes

to associate them and form my works.

Sometimes people ask me why the Bible?

The Bible is my confession of faith.

Inside there is wisdom, forgiveness and love.

The Bible tells us the direction of our life.

By sticking cube by cube, I see myself and I remember my life.

My inspiration comes from meditation. "

Cha-Young LEE was born in 1969 in Cheongju, South Korea.

Master in painting at Hongik University. 9 solo exhibitions 50 group exhibitions in Korea. 2015, grand prize of the Protestant exhibition of Korea. Since 2015 ,. Participation in the exhibitions "Le Salon" and "Salon d'automne" in Paris 2017: mention at "Le Salon" 2018: European exhibition of contemporary art 2019: City of the written Montmorillon

ICha-Young LEE devotes himself to the creation in the city of Poitiers in France since 2016


Lee Chayoung

Korean bible sheet on canvas 24x18 cm,



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