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The North Koreans develop their own style playing on more austere ideological framework and means than their southern neighbors, but the constraint often sharpens talent and creativity.

We present some works covering the spectrum of graphic art, with the traditional technique of Chang Ho CHOI, the superb hyperrealist oil paintings, landscapes by Kum Chol CHEO, carp and tigers by Kwang Chol RI and Gwang Hyeok JEONG. The stylized watercolors of Seong Min KIM (the saber dancer) and the rooster of Jongyeo JEONG.

Finally we discovered the handmade embroideries, with silk thread, extraordinarily flamboyant, delicate or even alive for horses, the Peacock, and the flowers of the talented Jinmi RI, the peacock at the wheel of Hyeunsun RI, which we subdue a related to the first, the Ok CHOE tigers, while the flowers of Ok KUM, enjoy themselves in the company of the wild landscape of Kum SUN.

These artists can make works in the same technique on order from a photograph, contact us if you want to know more.

These works show an exceptional graphic capacity of North Korean artists, also recognized in the decorative arts industries of animation, widely employed as subcontractors of Western publishers.

We hope that this confrontation, this rapprochement of talents from the North and the South will serve as a spark to create in 2020 a more ambitious event that can correspond to the rapprochement of the 2 states ... Help us to achieve it by expressing your interest in these artists.

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