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Lee A-Ryung

41x31.8cm, Acrylic on canvas, cotton yarn, 2018




A-Ryung LEE by herself:


There are variety of forms in a contemporary painting. Every painter uses their own unique painting methods to voluntarily play the role of pioneer who opens the new era out of the old age. For certain works that of which makes it difficult to categorize into a certain form, it is not easy to describe their characteristics using their existing terms in describing a form. In order to express my own 'Wollen' distinguished from such flooding forms, I am researching the visual memory and thought that are in my subconscious, which is the source of my work.

Alois Riegl (1858~1905), art historian, said that it was not Kőnnen but Wollen that would move the art history. When you look at art history as a field where different Wollen’s are crossing, it must be the expression of all the different art Wollen. My art Wollen is thought to be free existing memories from my past.


My painting is based on the visual memory of a backyard mountain (shrine, colorful cords, accumulated stones and etc.) that used to be the main playground of mine back in my childhood. Among the faded memories, the residual image of the village shrine tree and cords remain as an image that is deeply instilled within me.

I reminded myself of such residual image and recollected my childhood memory of the Cords subjectively, in order to translate it as the fundamental base of my work.

Such Cord was used as a spiritual and implicative meaning beyond its natural role. The Cord, therefore, is thought to be the life and process to form relationship.

In this study, I am analyzing the Cord and symbolizing the life and dynamic Relationship shown on my work. 'Relationship' is the theme and content of my work.

I link my childhood memory to the present through a cord, and the cord of the present is connected to the past memory. The cord is a medium that connects the past to the present, which may also be passing this moment to another past. This circulation goes through dissection in my work that is generating energy.

The cord of mine can be understood as the colorful cords hanging on the tree that I saw back in my childhood, as representing the human desire of Life, and an umbilical cord symbolizing life. It has been subtly repeated and recycled since the beginning of human nature.

I define the desire of Life as a continues circulation of the past, present and future interacting within the cord of Relationship.

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