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ArtsKoCo is a story that begins very far from home. A passion for Korea that finds different expressions.


Orie Duplay has always seen herself as someone who builds bridges between Europe and her country of origin, Korea. Career made, Christophe, her husband, joins Orie's project and, together, they founded in 2016 a gallery of contemporary art whose objective is to make us discover particularly talented Korean artists.


But the adventure does not stop there. Korean culture must be appreciated in all its forms and Orie offers us to taste  Korea's  delicatessen. From behind her stoves, she offers us authentic, tasty and refined dishes with a scent from elsewhere.


And when a family shares a passion, the house becomes a gallery where all the arts mix: paintings, sculptures and culinary art. A gallery that can be privatized for your meetings and events. The current exhibition will add extra soul to your meetings. Christophe will be happy to comment on the art works and, if you feel like it, to make you discover Korean culture while Orie will delight you with another art ... the culinary art of Korea!

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 Eel-Kwon KIM


13th & 14th June  2024 at 6:30 p.m.


at the gallery Artskoco


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